Loans for people with bad credit -So convenient loans for bad credit score

Do you need money and do you want to take out a loan quickly, for example borrowing 100 euros, then a loan for bad credit score can be a good option.

So easy & convenient loans for bad credit score

Borrow 100 euros via a flash credit

A loan for bad credit score is aimed at borrowing relatively small amounts with a short duration. Because it concerns both smaller amounts and a short duration, the processing of such an application is very fast. Much faster than, for example, revolving credit or personal loan. For example, there is no BKR assessment. The absence of this BKR check naturally ensures that the amounts that you can borrow are relatively small.

You can go to site link for a loan for bad credit score and borrow money quickly. Often these types of loans can even be arranged within 24 hours and you, therefore, have money immediately. So you can, for example, quickly borrow 100 euros without BKR review. Perhaps because you have unexpected expenses and the end of the month is not yet in sight.

Unexpected expenses

Unexpected expenses

If your washing machine breaks down unexpectedly or maybe the TV, you naturally want a new appliance as soon as possible. Or maybe you have an unexpected bill from the vet for your pet.

Unfortunately, these are always things that come unexpectedly and usually at the wrong time. You cannot avoid paying for this type of business immediately and then borrowing 100 euros can offer a solution.

But of course you don’t want to fill in countless forms and have to wait quite a long time before the loan is approved. Because that is usually just the purpose of this type of loan, you want to have access to the money quickly.

Flash credit providers

Flash credit providers

You can take out a mini loan through various providers. However, make sure that you work with a reliable partner who meets the legal requirements.

Also for larger amounts, for example for an amount of 1000 euros you can use such providers such as Merratu or Dapodle. These providers are in possession of all necessary permits issued by the Dutch authorities. Here you can go for a quick loan.

Always check the total costs if, for example, you want to borrow 100 euros. For example, are there other costs besides interest that are charged.

Make sure you know in advance what the total costs are. Due to the short duration, you will quickly get rid of your mini loan and you will not be stuck for years, for example. Yet it is advisable to be sure that there are no hidden costs associated with the mini loan. You can borrow money quickly, but of course you shouldn’t regret it afterwards.

Online loans: Payday loans online in Mexico 2019

Online loans can be defined as a type of financing that is requested through the internet and that aims to provide immediate liquidity to people. Its main feature is the speed and comfort it provides to those who request it.

In the current financial market there are many variations of online loans. Each of them intends to respond effectively to a specific financial need.

As we know that it is not easy to find a good credit in the sea of ​​offers that are online, we have prepared this guide to provide you with all the necessary information about online loans.

We also offer you our credit comparison tool. In it you can find a loan online to suit you.

How do online loans work in Mexico?

How do <a href=online loans work in Mexico?” width=”545″ height=”298″ />

This type of financing is offered by online credit companies that operate legally within the country. These companies compete for your attention, and therefore offer different benefits to their potential customers.

If you get an online payday loan offer that works based on the features that we will present later, you can apply without problems.

  • Time :
    The time you grant for the payment term. This will depend on the amount of the requested amount. The term can be 7 to 30 days for mini-loans, and up to 10 years for mortgage loans.
  • Interest :
    The interest rate of the online credit will depend on the amount you request and the term you choose to pay it.
  • Application :
    The application process is 100% online. Little paperwork and requirements are requested by the credit company. The deadlines for delivering money are characterized by being faster.

Advantages of payday loans online

Advantages of personal loans online

This type of financial product has become very popular in recent years because it offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility :
    Online credit companies know that customers prefer to have as much control as possible over their loan. For that reason they offer flexible application processes to each person.

    That way the client can build the loan that best suits their needs. You can choose the time, the amount and in some cases you can opt for different interest rates.

  • Comfort and speed :
    In addition to being able to apply for the loan 100% online from the comfort of your home, you can receive the money in a short time (maximum 72 hours for online loans of high amounts).
  • Freedom :
    With online loans you will not be a slave to extensive requirements and paperwork. Online credit companies do not demand to know what you will spend the money on.

    In many cases you can request an amount even if you appear in the Bureau. You can also receive money if you do not have a guarantee or guarantee.

Disadvantages of payday loans online

Disadvantages of personal loans online

Not everything that glitters is gold, much less in the market for financial products. Discover below the most important disadvantages of online loans.

  • High interest :
    Those who request a fast and online loan for the first time tend to spend a lot on the payment of financing. That is because they do not stop to evaluate the percentages of interest rates, which can vary greatly from one entity to another.
  • Extra charges :
    Many financial products include extra charges in case of specific situations such as non-payment, extension request, etc. These details must appear clearly in the Terms and Conditions of your contract. Not reading them can be counterproductive.
  • Scam risk :
    Many fraudulent online financial institutions take advantage of people’s needs to make them victims of their scams. You must be careful.

With the help of a tool like Good Finance you will have the opportunity to get rid of those disadvantages. You can find the interest rates that best suit your needs, choose a secure credit institution and do not charge extra charges, etc.

Borrow money directly without income

No work, but still need money urgently? With a flash loan you can borrow money directly without income! This is a relatively new way of borrowing, where you take out a loan with an independent loan provider. This saves you a lot of hassle, and it is ultimately a lot cheaper than a bank loan!

Do you need money quickly, but can’t borrow from the bank? Unfortunately, that is a common problem. Banks are very picky when it comes to handing out loans, and if you don’t have a job, don’t have the right papers or have a blacklist, you can forget about a loan from the bank. Fortunately, there is now a way that everyone can borrow money, without a pay slip and without paperwork: via a flash loan! Everyone can borrow money without income through a flash loan. A flash loan is taken out online and is done in a few minutes. An easy and fast way to borrow something!

Borrow money directly without income via the internet

Borrow money directly without income via the internet

A flash loan is an online loan. These loans are offered by independent loan providers, who want to keep borrowing possible for everyone. That is why flash loans are very accessible. You only have to prove that you are 21 years or older, and that you have a fixed income (salary, student finance, benefits, etc.). Furthermore, the lenders require little personal information from you. They do not need to see a pay slip and do not perform checks. This way you can easily get money without work, and so borrowing is always possible for everyone. Another advantage of borrowing money directly without income via the internet is that you take out that loan when you have the time. The sites are available day and night, also during the weekend. You just take out this loan from behind your own desk, at a time that you want! That’s service again!

Which amounts borrow directly without income

Which amounts borrow directly without income

Do you now wonder which amounts borrow directly without income? A flash loan is a loan with which you can borrow 50 euros to 1,000 euros. Relatively small amounts, that is why this loan is also called a mini credit or a mini loan. So you cannot borrow thousands of euros, but the options are extensive. For example, you can borrow 150 euros and buy a new winter jacket, but you can also borrow 750 euros extra and book a luxury vacation! It just depends on what you need the money for. If you use it wisely and ensure that you can repay the money on time, a flash loan only offers benefits. Getting a small amount quickly is easier than ever!

Borrow money directly without income without interest

Borrow money directly without income without interest

A very big advantage of a flash loan is that it is a loan without interest. There are not many loans that are interest-free anymore, and high interest rates can cost you a lot of money. With a flash loan you can borrow money directly without income without interest. In this way you know exactly what you are starting to do, and you will not suddenly be faced with unexpected costs!

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review! Do you also want to get money quickly, but don’t feel like a hassle or an annoying BKR test? You can arrange it now!

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was never a problem to have an extra 500 euros in your account quickly if needed? It is possible! You can take out a loan online at lightning speed and immediately have an extra 500 euros in your account, without the need for a BKR review first! How is it possible that you can borrow without BKR testing? This is due to the fact that a BKR review is, among other things, very time-consuming, that many people are wrongfully excluded from a loan and these fast loans are relatively small, which keeps the risk for the loan providers low. So it’s great that you can still have money in your account today without any hassle!

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review with a fast loan

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review with a fast loan

What exactly do these loans entail? These loans are different from the loans you take out with the bank. Where you first have to come to the bank by appointment and arrange all kinds of paperwork, you can easily take out a fast loan via the internet. For that reason, a loan application is arranged much faster! You can just crawl behind the computer and in 5 minutes you have taken out your loan. This way of borrowing is no less safe than borrowing from the bank. The companies that provide fast loans are simply registered with the Chamber of Commerce and are controlled by the government. That means a fast and safe way of borrowing, but without the hassle!

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review is possible for everyone

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review is possible for everyone

The fast loans were created because there was a high demand for loans that are more accessible than loans that you can take out with the bank. Many people are rejected at the bank and if they are not rejected it often takes a few weeks before they finally have money. For that reason there are few conditions attached to fast loans. The only thing you have to take into account is that you must be at least 21 years old and that you must have a fixed income. The fixed income is not a very strict requirement, because in addition to salary, for example, income from benefits or child benefits is also counted. In this way, a fast loan is actually possible for everyone!

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review or another amount

Immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review or another amount

Of course 500 euros is not the only possible amount that you can borrow. You can determine the amount of the loan yourself! The only thing is that the amount must be between 50 and 1000 euros. So, for example, you can borrow 200 euros for a gym subscription, 500 euros for your energy bill or 750 euros for that new racing bike. What exactly you do with the money does not matter further and you do not have to inform the providers of fast loans. What would you do with immediately 500 euros in your account thanks to borrowing money without BKR review?

Borrow 800 euros without BKR review

Would you like to borrow 800 euros today without BKR testing? You can take out a special loan online. Arrange your request today, many people have already preceded you!

Borrowing 800 euros without BKR testing can sometimes offer a solution if you need extra money. This is possible thanks to online loans. This way you are always assured that there is a possibility to get extra money. Moreover, this way of borrowing money is very quick and easy, unlike borrowing money from banks. So from now on it is no problem for you to arrange it directly and to have access to money today. Quickly borrowing 800 euros without BKR testing is always within reach!

You can also borrow 800 euros without BKR testing!

You can also <a href=borrow 800 euros without BKR testing!” />

You too can borrow 800 euros today without BKR testing! These loans are intended as a counterpart to loans with many conditions that you can take out with banks. For that reason there are not many requirements and conditions attached to these loans. Provided you are 21 years old and have monthly income, you can always take out an online loan. That means that even if you do not have the right papers, you have a bkr registration or you live on benefits, because the latter is also counted as income, you can always get a loan. Borrowing 800 euros without BKR testing is therefore always possible!

How is it possible to borrow 800 euros without BKR testing?

How is it possible to <a href=borrow 800 euros without BKR testing?” />

How is it possible that with most loans a very heavy lifting is done on a BKR registration and that this plays no role at all with online loans? This has to do with various factors. An important reason is that a BKR test takes a lot of time, it can easily be that you have to wait a few weeks for the result of a BKR test. Furthermore, 70% of the population has such a registration, which is a considerably high percentage. A BKR review would therefore exclude a large proportion of people from a loan, while online loan providers want to provide loans that are as accessible as possible. Finally, this concerns loans of relatively small amounts, which means that online loan providers do not run as much risk as if they would provide just as large amounts as banks do.

Borrowing 800 euros without BKR testing is easy via the internet

Borrowing 800 euros without BKR testing is easy via the internet

You take out online loans via the internet and this offers many advantages. That way you do not have to leave the house for your loan and it is also very easy to take out a loan via the internet. You can arrange a loan application in 5 minutes and you also don’t have to leave home. You can also take out your loan 24 hours a day, so wherever and whenever you want you can take out your loan. Finally, taking out a loan today means that you still have money today. With some loan providers you even get the guarantee that you will receive the money in your account within 10 minutes!

Online Credit Belgium


How is the online credit market doing in Belgium?

How is the online credit market doing in Belgium?

In our country, as in almost all European countries, the number of people wishing to borrow is constantly changing. Indeed, the cost of living continues to grow and many Belgians find themselves having more and more difficulties to save. Applying for a loan is becoming more common. In 2016, Belgium had 1,627,006 new credit agreements. If there are no official figures for the online credit application in Belgiumit is certain that this method of application has undergone an impressive evolution in recent years. At Credilend, we have indeed witnessed this increase, but especially actors of this small revolution. Indeed, in order to meet the new expectations of consumers increasingly connected, we had to evolve and offer adapted services.

From conventional credit in the branch to online credit in Belgium

From conventional credit in the branch to online credit in Belgium

With the new technologies that have interfered with our daily lives and the internet as a new essential communication tool, consumer habits have changed radically. In this world where everything must go very quickly and where information is available everywhere and all the time, each sector had to reinvent itself to stick to these new uses. As a credit organization, we have chosen to create with our customers and our future customers a digital communication, more direct and simpler. Apply online for credit in Belgiumis no longer a marginal step. On the contrary, the approach is simplified and secure. Just fill out a form. It takes about 10 minutes and you can where you want and when you want. It is no longer necessary to wait for the opening hours of an agency or make an appointment. An online credit application in Belgium is simple and straightforward.

What are the advantages of applying for online credit in Belgium at Credilend?

What are the advantages of applying for online credit in Belgium at Credilend?

  • Simplified approach
  • Request online credit in Belgium 24/24 and 7 days / 7
  • Free estimate without commitment
  • Online direct credit simulation
  • Ultra fast response

Apply for credit online in Belgium at Credilend. Our estimates are free and without obligation. You will receive an answer in less than 24 hours if your file is complete and a professional advisor will contact you to help you in your steps.

Advantageous and Reliable Loan Licensed

In the tabloid newspapers, the deterrent stories of people who have been the victims of indebtedness often come to the public. Unreasonably high loans, which often covered unnecessary luxury goods or vacations in attractive destinations, families are unable to repay.

They fall into the trap and look for solutions in the worst possible option – repayment of debt by another loan. A series of reminders and proceedings are followed by execution. Such cases are often described dramatically and cast a bad shadow on the lending of money in general for many people. They do not reflect on important reasons, real appreciation of the ability to repay and the need to solve a specific situation with a loan.

The loan is not branded

The loan is not branded

Anyone can get into a very unpleasant situation. A broken car or a large home appliance, unexpected study expenses, the necessary investment in new equipment or material… The reasons can be innumerable and are far from being caused by incompetence or inconsistency.

Self-employed, women on maternity leave, students, unemployed or pensioners belong to a large group, which is disadvantaged from the very beginning. There are often a few thousand and sometimes a few weeks left to deal with the situation in time, until the home budget starts running with a delayed payment for a contract, a payout, or other income. However, postponing the payment will result in penalties and an increase in the amount due. For many people excessive stress and a sense of hopelessness.

Simple, fast and fair

money cash

Demanding behavior at the bank with proof of income and subsequently documenting the money spent will deter many people in advance. Good Finance is offering them an effective solution. Simply fill out the loan application online, the SMS authorizes the process, and once the automated systems approve the application, the requested amount is immediately sent to your account.

The loan is not subject to settlement costs, early repayment penalties or other hidden charges. Each client has a clear interactive tool that displays a variable target amount with the exact amount of repayments and their deadlines. Clients are not exposed to technical terms, contract terms are clearly defined and unchangeable.

Lend license

Lend license

We live in modern times, relying on the Internet and transparent data. Good Finance acts precisely according to these opinions. Our professionalism and above all credibility is evidenced by the process of approval of our activities by the Care Bank We had to go through a long approval procedure to get an official award, but our efforts paid off.

Licensing of the ABC Lend is the best calling card that definitely separates us from the group of scarecrows and unreliable companies that profit from ordinary people’s misfortunes. We don’t help, we help. We offer a helping hand where banking institutions are wasting time and energy. The online loan from Good Finance helps to settle commitments in due time, gaining time to stabilize your corporate or home budget and bounce towards a more successful future.

How to calculate income tax PIT 2019

Everyone who achieves any legal income in Poland is obliged to pay income tax . Some people think that this duty only applies to companies, but this is not true. Income tax must pay both natural and legal persons, so it does not matter if you work full-time or if you are a partner in a commercial law company or run a sole proprietorship.

Many people, especially those who work for a company, do not know how to calculate income tax, where to pay it and when. They do not need to know this because they are supervised by employers, specifically employees responsible for accounting and payroll matters. However, novice entrepreneurs must be aware of this topic, especially those who intend to settle their income tax themselves. Therefore, we will try to bring this complicated matter to light and tame it a bit, because incorrect settlement of income tax may lead the company to unnecessary problems and result in a fine.

What is income tax? What is taxable?

income tax

Definitions, as definitions, are different. There are simplified versions and those intended for people who already have secret knowledge in the field of taxes and other financial settlements. However, we will use a simplification. Income tax is an obligatory benefit to the state. It depends on the amount of income after deductions, which include tax deductible costs. It’s simple: income-income costs = income. And it is the income that forms the basis for calculating the tax in question.

Income tax (PIT) covers all income obtained from individual business activity or participation in a partnership. This is regulated by two legal acts: the Act of 26 July 1991 on personal income tax (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 51, item 307, as amended) and the Act of November 20, 1998 on flat-rate income tax from certain revenues earned by natural persons (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 930, as amended).

Types of taxation – what you need to know?

Types of taxation - what you need to know?

Pursuant to the aforementioned acts, every person starting a business is subject to automatically taxing income on general principles, i.e. according to progressive rates. Then, by January 20 of the next tax year, it can pass on a flat rate or flat tax. However, in order to make this possible, he must submit a relevant statement to the head of the Tax Office before the first income is obtained. Then, in subsequent years, the mentioned date of January 20 also applies, when an entrepreneur must submit such statements, because the possibility of using another form of taxation exists for only one tax year. You can also opt out of flat rate or line tax in writing and return to general rules.

But in order to decide what form of taxation is planned to be covered by the planned or already carried out activity, one must know what these options are.

  • Progressive tax . This is tax settlement on general terms, and in other words, calculation of income tax according to the tax scale. The 2018 tax rate is 18% on income to PLN 85,528 and 32% on income above this amount. Entrepreneurs using this option may deduct social security contributions from their income, while from the tax itself, contributions for health insurance and a reduction in premiums, ie PLN 556.02.
  • Line tax . This is the form most often chosen by companies achieving high income, because regardless of their size, they pay a tax of 19%. However, this preferential rate makes it impossible to use all deductions belonging to the progressive form. Here, you can not make a deduction from income tax in the form of PLN 556.02.
  • Flat tax . A taxpayer who decides on this form of taxation does not have to keep a book of revenues and expenses, but only a record of income. It does not deduct costs and the calculation of income tax due is much simpler. It is also possible to deduct social insurance contributions from income and health insurance premiums from the calculated income tax amount.

Calculation of individual types of income tax

Some entrepreneurs entrust the calculation of income tax and the supervision of all financial matters to the accountant. Larger companies employ such people, smaller companies use the services of various accounting offices. However, at the beginning of a business road, there are always funds and you have to calculate everything yourself. That is why we are introducing the methods of calculating income tax for the variants described earlier.

Progressive tax

  • We count income from the beginning of the year cumulatively, which means it is larger every month. We also calculate costs in the same way and subtract this amount from revenues. In this way, we obtain the amount of income.
  • The amount of income can be subsequently deducted from the previous year’s loss, if it was, and the sum of social insurance contributions paid in a given tax year.
  • The final amount received is the taxable income, the so-called the tax base.
  • This amount should be rounded up to full zlotys.
  • We multiply the tax base by 18%, if it is an amount not exceeding PLN 85,528. In the case of higher income, we multiply by 32% the tax rate.
  • From the amount obtained, we subtract the sum of health insurance premiums paid in a given tax year, but not all, but only 7.75% from the base (the total is 9%).
  • From the calculated amount, we deduct income tax advances paid in a given tax year.
  • Then, in the case of 18%, we deduct the amount of 556.02. In the case of higher income and 32% rate, it is not allowed to do so.
  • The amount obtained is a tax due, ie the sum to be paid to the tax office.

Line tax

  • We calculate the income amount exactly the same as in the previous variant.
  • And exactly the same, we deduct social security contributions and a possible loss.
  • The difference is that we multiply the obtained amount by 19%. We round off the obtained amount.
  • Then, we deduct health insurance premiums and income tax prepayments from the amount of tax, the same as in the option of progressive tax. We obtain the amount of tax due.
  • Important: in this option, we do not deduct PLN 556.02.

Flat tax

  • We count revenues earned in a given tax year, without deducting costs.
  • We deduct from this amount the sum of social insurance contributions paid in a given year. You can also deduct premiums that were not included in previous tax calculations.
  • We round off the amount obtained to full zlotys, and then multiply by the tax rate assigned to the type of business. The list of rates and the list of activities is included in the Act on flat-rate income tax on certain revenues achieved by natural persons, specifically in art. 12 para. 1.
  • You can now deduct 7.75% of the base for health insurance contributions from the tax amount. You can also include contributions here that have not been included before.
  • The amount thus obtained, after rounding off, is the sum of income tax due to the Tax Office.

Income tax – other important information dates

Income tax - other important information dates

The entrepreneur is obliged to make advance payments on income tax by the 20th day of each month following the month to which it relates. The exception is December. Then entrepreneurs who before the 20th of January the next year will submit a PIT tax return and pay the tax calculated therein. In the case of quarterly settlements, this rule does not apply.

New changes are introduced in 2018. If the value of the advance on income tax does not exceed PLN 1000, the taxpayer may postpone the payment of tax in time and it does not apply to the mentioned date, ie to 20 each month. We are talking about the amount obtained after deduction of the sum of previously paid advances on the amount of income earned from the beginning of the year.

From 2007, there is no obligation to submit periodic tax declarations to the Tax Office. The entrepreneur only has to pay the calculated fees to the account of the competent Tax Office together with the entry of the relevant transfer title, e.g. PIT-36 for V.2018. The PIT annual settlement is submitted by 30 April the following year after the given tax year, ie income tax 2018 should be settled by April 30, 2019. This rule, however, does not apply to companies settling in the form of a flat tax, here the deadline for submitting the annual tax return is January 31 .

Entrepreneurs accounting on general terms, i.e. in the variant of progressive tax, must complete the annual statement on PIT-36 printing. People who have opted for a flat tax fill PIT-36L. In turn, the flat tax has to be settled on PIT-28. Interestingly, neither of these forms is leading and if one person runs two types of activity and settles income tax in different ways, he must settle on two different forms.

On the internet, you can now find useful tools and information that will help you settle income tax. Here you can find income tax calculators 2018, practical tips on how to calculate income tax and electronic forms that you pay for

Tax-free allowance

At the end, a slightly more pleasant side of tax duty, which is usually the bane of many entrepreneurs in our country. Advances on income tax can be reduced by the tax-free amount. Not much, but it’s always a relief. It is a tribute to the smallest companies that do not generate revenues above the threshold of PLN 85,528 per year, as well as PLN 13,000. The latter group are usually people who incidentally provide services and achieve irregular income from their activities.

And yes, for taxpayers taxed at the tax scale, this tax deductible amount is:

  • PLN 1440 – for the tax base not exceeding PLN 8,000. PLN 1440 reduced by the amount calculated according to the following formula: PLN 883 98 gr × (tax basis – PLN 8,000) – PLN 5000, for the tax base higher than PLN 8,000 and not exceeding PLN 13,000;
  • PLN 556.02 – for the tax base higher than PLN 13,000 and not exceeding PLN 85,528 . PLN 556.02 minus the amount calculated according to the formula: 556 PLN 02 gr × (basis for calculating the tax – 85 528 PLN) ÷ 41 472 PLN, for the tax base higher than 85 528 PLN and not exceeding 127 000 PLN;
The basis for calculating the tax in PLN The tax is
more than



18% minus the tax reduction amount


15 395 PLN 04 gr + 32% surplus over 85 528 PLN minus a reduction coefficient

The above calculation principles can be applied only when preparing the annual statement for 2018 and, what is important, they do not apply to entities that have achieved revenues exceeding PLN 127,000 per annum.

Tax issues are not liked or easy, however, while running a business, you can not miss this topic. A budding entrepreneur must usually deal with this matter alone. Therefore, it is worth acquiring this knowledge, so that you can make a settlement of income tax correctly and on time, and thus do not fall into serious problems with the tax authorities.

Communion or spring festival? Choose a cheap mini loan!

Families who will soon be celebrating a first communion, solemn communion or a spring festival will certainly have a few particularly busy weeks ahead. After all, organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration involves a great deal. Much more must be chosen than the suitable clothing for all involved. There is the organization of the communion or spring festival, the communion tickets, the invitations and the communion photos. However, cooking costs money, and that is no different with the organization of a communion celebration or a spring celebration. Do you have a first communion side, a solemn communion side or a spring festival in your family and you don’t want to balance your household budget for that? Then certainly consider a mini loan at Zaloan. You don’t even pay interest for such a mini loan. This lender is specialized in the granting of mini loans or flash credits and only charges a small amount as administration costs.

Organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration involves a great deal. To keep your budget in balance, a mini loan from Zaloan offers a solution

Do you want a communion party or a spring party for your apple of the eye without having to pay for it blue? This is possible with a mini loan from Zaloan!

Especially a first communion but also a solemn communion or a spring festival is an event that we will not soon forget. Everyone in your family and family look forward to this event months in advance. Organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration not only takes a lot of time, it also costs a lot of money. Do you want to give your son and / or daughter an unforgettable day without jeopardizing your household budget? Then lender Zaloan has the ideal solution for this with his mini loan or flash credit. With such a mini loan you don’t even pay interest, only a small amount as administration costs.

Zaloan specializes in providing mini-loans for a limited amount and with a limited duration. Immediately the solution for financing your communion party or your spring party without balancing your family budget. By taking out such a mini-loan, Zaloan enables you to borrow a relatively small but sufficiently large amount for a limited period. Once your mini loan has been approved, the requested amount is usually on your account the same day. You can freely dispose of the amount, so without having to give any account. At Zaloan, such a mini- loan is processed completely online, from the application to the approval. As a result, your application is usually approved the same day.

Cheap, safe and reliable

Cheap, safe and reliable

You are safe with Zaloan ! After all, this lender works entirely according to Belgian law with a minimum of papers. Even if you are blacklisted by the National Bank of Belgium, that is no reason for Zaloan to refuse you such a mini-loan.

Zaloan grants mini loans between minimum 50 and maximum 500 euros. You can immediately and freely dispose of the loan amount, but you do have to pay back that amount after 15 or 30 days. But with this lender you are remarkably cheap. For a cheap loan with Zaloan you are definitely at the right place.

The duration of your mini loan with Zaloan depends on the size of the loan. At Zaloan you can even request a mini loan via SMS. Borrowing at Zaloan is cheap, safe and reliable. You don’t even pay interest, just a small amount as administration costs for compiling your file. These administration costs are barely four euros per loan!

What is a manager?

What is a manager?

To be sure that it will get its borrowed money back, you can take out a mini loan with a guarantor or with insurance at Zaloan. With this, this lender wants to keep his financial risk as limited as possible. A guarantor can be both a family member and someone from your circle of friends. That person, together with you, guarantees the repayment of your mini loan. If you prefer not to involve anyone in taking out your mini loan at Zaloan, you can take out insurance with Global Guarantee.

The price of such a guarantee insurance depends on the amount and duration of your mini loan:

  • Loan amount 50 euros / 15 days: 8 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 15 days: 18 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 30 days: 24 euros
  • Loan amount 150 euros / 30 days: 38 euros
  • Loan amount 200 euros / 30 days: 52 euros
  • Loan amount 300 euros / 30 days: 80 euros
  • Amount borrowed 400 euros / 30 days: 108 euros
  • Amount borrowed 500 euros / 30 days: 136 euros

Zaloan calls for the provision of a small loan a bare minimum of evidence, even a mention on the blacklist of the National Bank for Zaloan no problem to grant you a small loan.

Integrity and Financial Advisers

Your advisor or planner is honest and 100% honest? Insist that he garnishes your mutual fund or securities portfolio with NO link to his firm. Neither directly nor indirectly. In case you do not know, when you first issue a security, a policyholder must promise a minimum sale in their network. The order ends up going to the customer, in the form of a “wonderful opportunity not to be missed”!

To prevent you from passing p’tites speed, here in my opinion, the guarantees of greater objectivity in financial advice. By closely monitoring these 5 categories of risk, you ensure maximum control over your business.

Distributing financial products


It starts with a sorting among the companies distributing financial products. Distributors and trustees must have a superior credit rating synonymous with financial strength. Few institutions receive AM Best, Standard and Poors and Moody’s ratings. When they have them, we must remember the best evaluated. It’s exactly like us when applying for a loan. They demand our credit rating, do the same!

The distribution between the companies of distributions, management styles and asset class (Shares, Bonds, liquidity …). RBC, Sunlife, Fidelity, CIBC, TD, Industrial-Alliance, Manulife, AIM, BMO … Retain the big brands in your portfolios by focusing on their specialty. Watch out for the scatter!

Taxation being a risk

Taxation being a risk

Taxation being a risk in itself, you should not pay more tax than you should. Meticulous attention must be paid to the income category that your investments will generate. Even if you are very cautious, you have to look for ways to reduce your tax burden on investment income. In this regard, many institutions and large managers are lagging behind. They show nice gross yields, but in our pockets, there are less! We live in a NET world, NET after all. Net of fees and NET tax must be a major criterion to remember.

Specialists in their categories

Taxation being a risk

It’s nice the stock broker of the bank. He sells, buys and puts options for sales and purchases and tries full of beautiful combinations. But what is its average score of the last decade? Is he practicing with your assets? Why TRY stuff when others have already proven themselves! Institutional managers, pension funds, wealth, foundations and mutual funds abound in the industry. They are specialists in their categories, whose returns have a proven history of more than 10 years. Some have the distinction of doing on average better than their peers with less volatility. Independent statistical data and verified evidence must be provided. The past is not guarantor of the future, but with the horrible past we have just lived … we can see more clearly and observe the know-how!

Independent advisor

Supervision, rebalancing, updates and transactions must be initiated by an independent advisor. It is neither employed by the great institutions mentioned above, nor encouraged to favor one over another. The independent advisor is a professional registered with the Good Finance, in the file without task. His privilege to advise you in your investment choices is conditional on the maintenance of professional liability insurance in case of errors or omissions. He is NEVER made a check directly, but only to the distribution firms he has chosen to build your wallet