Communion or spring festival? Choose a cheap mini loan!

Families who will soon be celebrating a first communion, solemn communion or a spring festival will certainly have a few particularly busy weeks ahead. After all, organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration involves a great deal. Much more must be chosen than the suitable clothing for all involved. There is the organization of the communion or spring festival, the communion tickets, the invitations and the communion photos. However, cooking costs money, and that is no different with the organization of a communion celebration or a spring celebration. Do you have a first communion side, a solemn communion side or a spring festival in your family and you don’t want to balance your household budget for that? Then certainly consider a mini loan at Zaloan. You don’t even pay interest for such a mini loan. This lender is specialized in the granting of mini loans or flash credits and only charges a small amount as administration costs.

Organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration involves a great deal. To keep your budget in balance, a mini loan from Zaloan offers a solution

Do you want a communion party or a spring party for your apple of the eye without having to pay for it blue? This is possible with a mini loan from Zaloan!

Especially a first communion but also a solemn communion or a spring festival is an event that we will not soon forget. Everyone in your family and family look forward to this event months in advance. Organizing a communion celebration or a spring celebration not only takes a lot of time, it also costs a lot of money. Do you want to give your son and / or daughter an unforgettable day without jeopardizing your household budget? Then lender Zaloan has the ideal solution for this with his mini loan or flash credit. With such a mini loan you don’t even pay interest, only a small amount as administration costs.

Zaloan specializes in providing mini-loans for a limited amount and with a limited duration. Immediately the solution for financing your communion party or your spring party without balancing your family budget. By taking out such a mini-loan, Zaloan enables you to borrow a relatively small but sufficiently large amount for a limited period. Once your mini loan has been approved, the requested amount is usually on your account the same day. You can freely dispose of the amount, so without having to give any account. At Zaloan, such a mini- loan is processed completely online, from the application to the approval. As a result, your application is usually approved the same day.

Cheap, safe and reliable

Cheap, safe and reliable

You are safe with Zaloan ! After all, this lender works entirely according to Belgian law with a minimum of papers. Even if you are blacklisted by the National Bank of Belgium, that is no reason for Zaloan to refuse you such a mini-loan.

Zaloan grants mini loans between minimum 50 and maximum 500 euros. You can immediately and freely dispose of the loan amount, but you do have to pay back that amount after 15 or 30 days. But with this lender you are remarkably cheap. For a cheap loan with Zaloan you are definitely at the right place.

The duration of your mini loan with Zaloan depends on the size of the loan. At Zaloan you can even request a mini loan via SMS. Borrowing at Zaloan is cheap, safe and reliable. You don’t even pay interest, just a small amount as administration costs for compiling your file. These administration costs are barely four euros per loan!

What is a manager?

What is a manager?

To be sure that it will get its borrowed money back, you can take out a mini loan with a guarantor or with insurance at Zaloan. With this, this lender wants to keep his financial risk as limited as possible. A guarantor can be both a family member and someone from your circle of friends. That person, together with you, guarantees the repayment of your mini loan. If you prefer not to involve anyone in taking out your mini loan at Zaloan, you can take out insurance with Global Guarantee.

The price of such a guarantee insurance depends on the amount and duration of your mini loan:

  • Loan amount 50 euros / 15 days: 8 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 15 days: 18 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 30 days: 24 euros
  • Loan amount 150 euros / 30 days: 38 euros
  • Loan amount 200 euros / 30 days: 52 euros
  • Loan amount 300 euros / 30 days: 80 euros
  • Amount borrowed 400 euros / 30 days: 108 euros
  • Amount borrowed 500 euros / 30 days: 136 euros

Zaloan calls for the provision of a small loan a bare minimum of evidence, even a mention on the blacklist of the National Bank for Zaloan no problem to grant you a small loan.